Saturday, May 17, 2014

Vintage camera with mini album

how is it that life always gets in the way of my best intentions?  I had in mind to start my scrapbooking blog and get back into the swing of catching up with my kids scrapbooks ages ago, and am now just starting to touch ground.
i have seen a few camera's on pinterest etc, you know how we all trawl the net for inspiration, find what we love and think "well i gotta do that!'  right?
so finally i have my inspiration and wanna check out a few tutorials to give me some idea of how to achieve what i want as my end creation.  No such luck!!  Kathy Orta of Paper Phenomenon, has some wonderful inspiration, the catch is that you gotta purchase her tutorials, that wont do me as i dont do the online shopping thing.  So for three days i trawl You tube looking for a tutorial on how to make the camera bellows, no luck there!!!!
Finally i decide to take the proverbial bull by the horns and try figuring it out for myself.  I GOT IT!!
I figured out how to do it and i am here to share it, not just yet though so you gotta come back at the end of June ( sorry folks the end of the year)when i will share all, my reason being is that i am gonna be teaching it early June, July, August, September. in the meantime, if you cant wait for me to share all, you can get in touch and purchase a written tutorial and kit, in the meantime here are my two examples of what i came up with.  Yes inspiration came from many places, mainly pictures on pinterest.

 and a pink one, just so you dont feel limited to the vintage/ Tim Holtz style of vintage camera, you could make something like this pink one for a baby gift, mini album stashed in the back.

Dont fret paper crafters, i will definitely be sharing how to do the bellows and boxes, etc and you will see that it isnt as difficult once you know how.
My film strip on the pink one is NOT a T.H one, its a stamp by Kaiser that i just used acetate and stazon to make.  Most of the paper was wallpaper, love the stuff for my 3d projects as its really easy to get your hands on and far more durable that normal paper.  The other little tidbit that i have for you girls in SA is do not dispair, help is now at hand regarding the amazing hardware that we love on our 3d projects, i can get it locally for a tenth of the price of all the name brands in the industry.
enjoy crafting

Saturday, March 29, 2014

the start of something new

I made the decision this weekend to start sharing some of my scrapbooking layouts, who knows when i am gonna get the time for this, but if i ever do, i wanted to have this blog started.
so having said that hopefully life wont be getting in the way of my best intentions and i will come back later this week with something to share